Positions are available for all current farm camp sessions: July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, and August 4th.

Camp Counselor Job Description

We are looking for an enthusiastic, attentive camp counselor to lead,
support, and motivate campers as they enjoy all that the camp has to
offer. The camp counselor will help plan events and lead group
events, monitor campers and respond to incidents, such as
behavioral problems or accidents, log events and maintain records
relating to activities, and discuss camper participation and concerns
with parents and other camp staff members. You should be positive,
proactive, and caring while focusing on giving campers a fun, safe
camp experience.
To succeed as a camp counselor, you should be upbeat, decisive,
and responsible. You should also be organized and possess strong
leadership skills.
Camp Counselor Responsibilities:

• Working with other camp staff members to plan and coordinate
camp events.

• Leading and supporting campers as they participate in age-
appropriate activities.

• Monitoring campers to ensure compliance with camp rules and
prevent accidents.
• Cleaning, maintaining and ensuring proper use of camp facilities
and equipment.
• Reporting and recording details of incidents, such as accidents or
rule violations, to parents and camp staff.
• Memorizing all emergency procedures and enforcing camp rules.
• Participating in staff meetings.

Camp Counselor Requirements:

• High school diploma, equivalent, or active enrollment in school.
• Experience working in camps, with children, or with specific
activities may be preferred.
• First aid, CPR, and additional training may be required or
• Physical ability to participate in activities, run, climb, swim, lift, or
support the weight of children.
• Ability to pass a background check, a physical, and proof of
• High level of responsibility and accountability.
• Upbeat, engaging personality.
• Strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Camp Leader Job Description

We are searching for an energetic Camp Leader with superb social
skills, good attention to detail, and a passion for the great outdoors.
Camp Leaders should feel comfortable addressing large groups,
interacting with young children, and also be able to make decisions
under pressure. Other responsibilities include delegating tasks,
educating campers about health and safety, planning activities, and
improving the overall camp experience.
To be successful as a Camp Leader, you should demonstrate
excellent stamina and leadership skills, and a friendly, positive
attitude. Top candidates have a growth mindset, are team players,
and possess stellar communication and deliberation skills.
Camp Leader Responsibilities:

• Organizing groups and instructing campers.
• Working with other counselors to plan various activities.
• Delegating tasks and drawing up rosters.
• Assisting with a range of administrative duties.
• Encouraging and inspiring campers.
• Assisting with conflict resolution.
• Working with counselors and campers to organize social events.
• Ensuring campers learn in a safe, fun, and stimulating
• Setting a good example for campers and staff.

Camp Leader Requirements:

• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Experience mentoring or supervising children.

• Good judgment and a strong moral and ethical code.
• Ability to act in stressful situations.
• Evidence of sound leadership skills.
• Multitasking abilities.
• First aid certification preferred.

If you are interested in either of these positions please contact Alex at 603-783-5159 or send an email to outreach.lnf@gmail.com.

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