Ready for Ground Hog Day?

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Groundhog Day is not only the half-way point for hay-feeding but this year, it’s also the precursor for our Feb. 11 first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary. This is the season when the state is flooded with politicians. They show up at farmers' markets, on street corners, in grocery stores, and during the 2016 race Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson showed up at our farm; twice. Of course, for each politician, there seem to be hundreds of out-of-state supporters, well-known TV personalities, and camera-people trailing the candidates and seeking local color.

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Dealing with a rebellious bull

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Every year four or five bulls are born on the farm, but we don't use this local talent for breeding. It would weaken the herd genetically. So periodically, we have to buy a new breeding bull from elsewhere.

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Ever Have a Calf in Your Kitchen?

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It’s never a good idea for cows to give birth in the winter. A calf used to the 101.5-degree warmth of the womb can die of hypothermia when born in freezing temperatures. They need to be warm, dry, and nursing right away.

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That Wasn’t Me at the Fast-Food Joint

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I rationalized that I wasn't breaking last New Year's resolution to eat only local food because, after all, I was seeking a baked potato (butter only, please), not chicken nuggets or a burger. Instead of waiting to cook at home, the convenience of it beckoned to me. Not everyone knew (or cared) about my resolution, but on the off-chance, I might be recognized, I parked far from the door.

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