Hug A Calf Donation

//Hug A Calf Donation

Hug A Calf Donation


Your $100 tax-deductible donation will help provide a safe place for humans and livestock to interact.



Teaching compassion for farm animals is an essential part of the LNF mission, but unlike “animal rescue” operations, we don’t ignore the purpose of most livestock: to provide food for people. The survival of farms and farmers depends on the bottom line, which is met by selling meat. But when good management practices are followed, the lives of cattle, sheep, and pigs can be healthy and happy.

This program – named after a Highlander heifer named Elspeth – will provide a safe place where adults and youth can learn about treating animals with respect and kindness. It’s good for humans and good for livestock.

Your donation will help provide a Safe Space for Humans and Livestock to Interact.

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